HomeCall-Doctor is an home visiting doctor's service that’s redefining the medical service in Bali. we realize the medical condition is the last thing that becomes unthinkable during your vacation. we are here to fill the gap by bringing easy access of medical service to your place.

if you are visiting Bali, medical thing is the last thing in your mind, just save our number for you or your beloved one

JUST CALL US NOW +62 818 0551 0887

Top 5 reasons why people
Always choose our services

No Unneccesary Commision Fee

Our service is 100% no commision neither to your hotel or tour guide

Simple Booking Process

You can request a doctor online or by calling +62 818 0551 0887 from 9AM - 10PM or email us at halim.taufan@gmail.com

Caring & Experienced Doctors

We aim to have one of our on duty registered doctors visit you within 1 hours of the booking being confirmed

Integrated Medication and Laboratory Service

To ensure comprehensive service. our team works together with pharmacy and laboratory services

Continuity of Care

Our service replace your regular general practitioner service. Every patient will be gave a medical report to ensuring continuity care at your home. Follow up call will be conducted 1-2 days after the treatment to make sure we do not lost any little things


How It Works ?

Our service is for urgent cases that do not need emergency or ambulance services. If your situation seems like an emergency, please call your hotel staff as soon as possible.

Our booking lines are open from 9AM - 10 PM from Monday to Sunday. The on duty doctor will be notified, contacted you back and make an initial assessment by telephone or other electronic media (if telephone access is not possible). Our target time is 1 hour after notification. If you want a particular doctor, the appointment time will be adjusted to the availability of doctor.

The top urgent medical conditions we are currently treating include:

  • Gastrointestinal Problem
  • Ear Problem
  • Eye Problem
  • Severe Cold and Flu
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Severe Migraine and Headaches
  • Food Poisoning
  • Skin Infections
  • Respiratory Issues, including Asthma
  • High Temp with Infants
  • Back and Joint Pain

Six Steps in Our Services

Contact Us

You can contact us by calling +62 813 3739 8840 from 9AM - 10PM or email at admin@balidentalclinic.com

First Information

Tell us your about your profile, current address, condition & symptoms

Meet The Doctor

After we receive your call & information, Doctor will visit you in your hotel or home. Our service level is 1 hour after we get notification

Medicine & Lab Check

You will get treatment & medication after we do some general check. If you need lab check, we will provide that to you

Report & Invoice

We will send your medical report and invoice through your email

Continuity of Care

Follow up call will be conducted 1-2 days after the treatment to make sure we do not lost any little things.

Our Price List

Doctor Fee 800K IDR or 80 AUD
IV Procedure 500K IDR or 50 AUD
Laboratorium 200K-500K IDR or 20-50 AUD
IV Medication 100K-300K IDR or 10-30 AUD
Oral medication 100K-300K IDR or 10-30 AUD