Restore Your Smile & with Dental Crown in Bali

Yes we do crown to restore your smile, here some FAQ from our client about crown

Dental Crown is a type of restoration that covers the whole tooth after being shaved down/ prepped. The indication for dental crown includes, post root canal treatment, cracked tooth, big decay

if you are visiting Bali and try to keep your brighter smile during holiday, we strongly recommend for you to make an appointment as this procedure is at high demand.


How It Works ?

The dentist will prep the tooth small to compensate the crown (cap like shape) before taking impression mould. After which, the mould is being sent to the lab, to fabricate the crown before cementing it on to the teeth permanently.

What to Expect? ?

The shape and colour of the crown will be as close as the adjacent teeth and looking natural, and most importantly comfortable for you. At times, adjustments may be needed.

How long do I need to stay ?

For dental crowns, we would recommend about 7-10 days (Saturdays and Sundays are not included) to cover lab working time and any follow ups if necessary.

Special treatment after crowns ?

Dental hygiene is mandatory. Make sure you brush, floss and use mouth wash to make sure your dental hygiene is at its best and to make sure to follow the instructions of your dentist.

How long does it last ?

Dental crown can last about 8-10 years. If you take a good care of your crowns, they can last for as long as possible.

How Much It Cost ?

The cost for Dental Crown it self is Rp. 4.000.000 – Rp. 5.000.000 (about AUD 400-500) per tooth. This is depending on the type of material used in the crown.