Restore Smile with Root Canal in Bali

Yes, we do root canal. Here we conclude some of our client FAQ

What is root canal treatment ? It is a procedure of taking the current nerve/s out for example due to severe decay, then after cleaning and sterilising each canal, the dentist will fill the canal spaces with special material to heal any infection and to keep the tooth (avoid extraction).

Severe decay, infection from the decay, some fracture or any other cases that we can use this procedure to save the tooth without being extracted.


What to expect with root canal treatment ?

Root canal procedure generally takes a couple of hours in each seating, because of the very small canals, the dentist has to be meticulous throughout the procedures to make sure everything is done safely and efficiently.

What are the steps involved ?

Firstly, from initial appointment, the dentist might need the x-ray of the tooth. Then from that point, depending on the case, the dentist will be able to inform you with how many visits may take to complete the root canal treatment. Back tooth generally takes longer as there are more canals.

How long does root canal treatment take ?

Depending on the case, please allow about 1-2 weeks to complete root canal procedure. It may take a few visits, and there is about 3-5 day interval in between each visit.

How Much It Cost ?

The cost for front teeth (incisor-canine) Rp. 2.500.000 / tooth
The cost for side teeth (premolars) Rp. 3.000.000 / tooth
The cost for back teeth (molars) Rp. 1.500.000 / canal (each back tooth may have minimum of 3 canals)