Clean & Fresh Smile during Holiday in Bali

Yes, we do teeth cleaning. Here we conclude some of our client FAQ

What is Teeth Clening ? It is a procedure of using ultrasonic scaler to clean all plaque and tar build up without the use of dental anaesthesia.

Even though you brush your teeth twice daily and floss regularly. Over time, teeth do need a thorough clean using scaler to access areas that aren’t accessible with regular tooth brush.


How it works ?

The dentist will clean each and every single tooth from tar and plaque using ultrasonic scaler.

What to expect ?

Once the tar and plaque have been removed, your teeth will feel fresh and clean.

Does it hurt ?

Generally it wouldn’t cause any major pain. Occasionally sensitivity in some spots but if you have not done any cleaning for a very long time. Big chance that the tar has accumulated and pushing the gum to cause recession, then the chance of feeling sensitivity and pain is greater during cleaning. So make sure you do your general check up and clean at least every 6 months.

How Much It Cost ?

The cost for for check up and dental clean is Rp. 600.000 (around AUD 60)
But with ongoing promo we have at the moment,
You can bring a friend and have both of your teeth cleaned for Rp. 900.000 (around AUD 90).