Brighter & Whiter Smile while in Bali

Yes, we are nearby kuta dental clinic and using professional teeth whitening service. Here we conclude some of our client FAQ

Teeth whitening is a process which uses Hydrogen Peroxide to erase any external stain which have been accumulated over the years, with or without the aid of laser light. The aim is to restore teeth original shade or even can brightened the teeth

if you are visiting Bali and try tos keep your whiter smile during holiday, we strongly recommend for you to make an appointment as this procedure is at high demand.


How It Works ?

We use Flash White Smile whitening System from Germany which uses laser light in the process.

During the laser whitening treatment, you may feel a warm wavy light sensation as the laser helps the gel to work. The treatment is done safely so you can just sit back and relax during the treatment.

Is it Hurt ? Generally it does not cause any pain. But some individuals may experience sensitivity during and/or after treatment. This sensation normally will subside on its own a day after up to a couple of days after.

What step we take to make your smile brighter :

  • Teeth cleaning is necessary to make sure the gel gets on to the teeth without any interference of any plaques or tar.
  • Placement of special mouth guard and gum protection.
  • Gel application then, 1st session laser whitening.
  • Re-application of gel, 2nd session laser whitening.
  • Evaluation, instructions of post whitening by our dentist.

What changes ?

Depending on each individual’s teeth stain and how they react to the whitening system, generally we see a few shades of improvements. Some individuals may achieve very bright results, where some just a few shades. Age and internal factors also play a significant role in the results.

Do’s and Don’ts after teeth whitening ?

Try to avoid anything that may bring the stain back, for example, tea, coffee, wine, spiced food eg. Curry for the next few days. For long term maintenance, you may use home whitening once a year for a touch up at home procedure which you can do safely at the comfort of your own home.

How long does it last ?

Generally we will recommend to wait for about 2 years before re-doing another in office whitening. But in terms of shade stability, it will be depending on the food or drink intake, or smoking habit.

How Much It Cost ?

The cost for whitening it self is Rp. 3.000.000 (around AUD 300)
Yes! Cashback IDR 1.200.000 for whitening service (for couple treatment)
As cleaning is required, it costs Rp. 600.000 (around AUD 60)